To provide a platform the girls will have the opportunity to interact directly with the accomplished facilitators, speakers and trainers that willing to share their experiences in various different fields.


Focusing on sharing real life stories and accomplishments, learn how to groom themselves better and also learn how to manage their personal finance.


To create a women’s mentoring network between the young girls and their successful mentors.

What is Project Fearless?

Our Young girls are our assets and Malaysian young girls are our prominent assets. with this reason, project fearless was born. project fearless is a venue where young adult women can come together to listen and learn from the best speakers and mentors on the issues and subjects that will help them break out and discovers ways to boost their confidence level. It will also be a platform for participants to celebrate their individuality, have an in-depth discussion, analysing the key issues that they face on daily basis and finding solutions how to overcome them, together.

Target Groups

Young Female Adults: 18 – 35 years old

College / University students.

About the founder

Nurul Ashiqin Shamsuri is the Founder of Project Fearless, Project Director for Yayasan JUWITA and Regional Forum Director for World Communication Forum Davos – Kuala Lumpur. In March 2018, she bagged “Leader of The Future” Award from World Communication Forum, Davos defeating nine other nominations from 9 different powerful countries.

“Our Project is non-profit and donation driven”

We are relying on your love

Key learning

Execute effective decision-making process by using logical, credibility-based appeals, and mentor’s real-life story experience.

Able to communicate clearly, effectively, and respectfully on a day to day basis. Which is then incorporated into their career and student life.

More Pro Active in handling daily life. Stay Positive. HAVE FUN

Increased confidence in ability to speak amongst peers and in public

Tips and tricks to maintain a healthy lifestyle.

Never be afraid as you face challenges in life. There is always a solution for every problems.

Understand various ethical issues related to daily life and career

Learning first hand from mentors on how to face challenges in career and personal life.

Learn how to manage their finances

Able to open up to peers and maintain an open communication line.

Give help where it's needed most

The feedback that we have received from our participant has been amazingly encouraging. Most of them are more open to discuss about ther personal struggles because they don't feel like isolated anymore.

What Participants Have To Say

My name is Nigar Akter and I am from Bangladesh. I am studying in Malaysia and I got to know about Project Fearless from my friends. Me and some of my friends we attended Project Fearless workshops and events which I reallyenjoyed because I learned many things from this workshop. I got the chance to listen so many motivational talk from great great speakers which gives me strength, motivations, confidence as a women It really inspired me. During this event I played and did lot of activities which grooms me and I come over from my weaknesses. I really want to thank Project Fearless. And I will really recommend to young girls please for a once also they should attend this program and definitely they will learn so many things.

Nigar Akter

I truly believe that project fearless is an extraordinary project that builds individuals from the inside out to be courageous, to push boundaries, to let the people know that “ there are only limits if your want there to be”. Its a great way for women to express their inner beauty and not only that, woman can learn alot from this project and show people that they have a voice too. I believe this a truly remarkable project and I would love to see this project sky rocket

Gauthamar Sritharan

Project fearless gives an exposure to other people especially for women to not easily giving up in life no matter how hard it is. The sharing session from a few invited speakers/panels gives some sort of eye opener to the participants to always positive in whatever obstacle they face in life. This project helps and give some tips and guide to us to go through our life in a positive way and become stronger, fearless and positive. I love this project because its inject a strong motivation from my innerself to be a better person.

Nur Hanani

It is a very good program to instill confidence to the young women, to know your worth, to learn from others and to always be fearless in life because its ok to make mistake and get back up again as long you are chasing things that you believe in. It's good to know that you don't have to do anything extraordinary to know that you are worth it.

Najwa Hassan

I had an amazing experience with Project Fearless, hearing from great speakers and get inspired. Knowing that women are powerful but at times we need helps and supports from other women. Project Fearless is a great platform to inspire women to be fearless to voice out, and warm reminder that we are not alone.

Melody Wan

"Be strong, be fearless, be beautiful. And believe that anything is possible when you have the right people there to support you."

Misty Copeland